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What Should We Consider When Choosing A Dining Table?

First of all, we must determine how large the dining area is. Whether it has a special dining room or a living room or a study room that also serves as a dining room, we must first determine the maximum area of ​​dining space that can be occupied. If the area of ​​the house is large and there is a separate restaurant, you can choose a table with a heavy feeling to match the space; if the restaurant is limited and the number of diners is uncertain, it may increase the number of diners on holidays, you can choose the current market The most common style-telescopic dining table, that is, there is a movable plate in the middle, usually in the middle of the table or take it down when not in use, do not buy an extra large dining table for only three or four times a year.

Secondly, pay attention to appearance when choosing a dining table. It mainly depends on whether the surface paint film is smooth and shiny, whether there are quality defects such as drips, bubbles, wrinkles; also whether the color difference of the decorative panel is large, whether the pattern is consistent, whether there are corrosion points, dead nodes, broken residues, etc. Whether the component edge treatment is tight and straight, whether there is degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, and whether there is bump.

Third, look at the craft. The workmanship of solid wood dining tables and chairs is detailed. You can observe from the combination part to see the rationality and firmness of the connection points between each component of the furniture. If a piece of furniture is combined, its hardware connections should be of high quality, and the degree of closeness of the hardware itself determines the overall closeness of the furniture. For the furniture of the overall structure, each connection point, including the horizontal and vertical connection points, must be tight, with no gaps or looseness. The drawers and cabinet doors should be flexible to open and close, and return correctly. The perimeter of the glass door should be polished and neat, flexible to open and close, no chipping, scratches, symmetrical four corners, and straight hand position. The installation of various plugging angles, railing bars and slideways should be in the correct position, flat and firm, and flexible to open.

Post time: 2020-01-13