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Do You Know The Standards And Characteristics Of Park Benches?

Park benches, as the name suggests, are benches and benches installed in gardens or parks for visitors and passersby to rest. Park benches are a type of leisure chair. Generally, park benches are mostly made of reinforced concrete and other light bone materials, and there are also metal and wooden park benches. Among them, the imitation wood and stone garden landscape products can not only meet the practical functions of landscaping facilities or leisure products, but also beautify the environment, which has won the favor of users.

Classification criteria for park benches:
1. According to different standards, park benches can be divided into different categories, such as according to materials, shapes, functions, and placement positions.

2. Park benches are divided according to materials, which can be divided into wood park benches, metal park benches, stainless steel park benches, reinforced concrete park benches, and plastic park benches.

3. Park benches can be divided into long park benches, original park benches, wide park benches, and large or small park benches.

4. Park benches are divided according to their functions. They can be divided into park benches for people to sit and rest, park benches for people to eat temporarily, park benches for people to lie down for a while, and park benches Can only see the decorative park bench.

5. Park benches can be divided into outdoor park benches, indoor park benches, or garden park benches, park benches, wooded outdoor park benches, and natural park benches.

Park bench features:

Park bench material characteristics: The wood can be selected from imported anti-corrosive wood, camphor wood or environmentally friendly plastic wood.

1. Anti-corrosive wood characteristics: It is the addition of antioxidant preservatives in natural wood to change the original nutrients in the wood fiber. It has achieved the effect of inhibiting biological, micro-parasitic, reproduction and erosion, and extending the wood in the outdoor environment. Life.

2. Characteristics of imported camphor wood: Produced in Southeast Asia, it is one of the most well-known natural antiseptic species. Heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished. The heartwood is reddish-brown and the sapwood is yellow. The camphor wood has excellent properties such as hard material, high strength, straight texture, fine structure, small deformation, polished surface, gloss, corrosion resistance, and termite resistance. It is an outdoor garden leisure product’s first choice.

In order to be able to choose a good quality park bench, to prevent the purchase of inferior products and easy damage, be sure to follow the above to select a good park bench.

The above is about the park bench, I hope the above content will be helpful to you.

Post time: 2019-12-20