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Furniture Common SenseDistance Between Dining Table And Chairs

When guests are crowded around the dining table, they may feel physically restrained and psychologically uncomfortable. Everyone has their own private space, and most diners don’t like to hear chewing, swallowing, and taste activities from people at the same table. To ensure that friends and family have enough eating space, please follow the guidelines of the interior designer. Today we will talk about the distance between dining chairs.

Leave a distance of at least 24 inches between the chairs, measured from the center of the seat. For example, if each seat is 18 inches wide, a distance of at least 6 inches between the chairs provides enough elbow space. Leave 30 inches between the seats in the formal dining room (also measured from the middle); for oversized armchairs, leave a few inches of space. The more space you can move between chairs, the easier it will be for guests to get up from the table. However, if the distance exceeds 36 inches, it will create an awkward and conservative atmosphere.

To provide guests with food, you need enough space to walk around the table. Diners also need enough space to push the chair back after a meal. Leave a distance of at least 3 feet between the edge of the table and the wall or alley. When space permits, designers prefer a span of 5.5 feet.

To make the most of the small space, choose a round dining table. With a pedestal table, you can arrange an extra guest, as the table legs do not take up floor space. Use chairs without armrests so that guests can easily move their seats back. To create the illusion of space, install an oversized mirror on the wall or use a glass table top.

Once you have your chair in place, you need a seat arrangement. According to research reports, the most talkative person should sit in the middle of the table and face to face. This arrangement allows jokes to flow in the room, while quiet guests sitting at both ends of the table can listen or chat quietly. Diners are allowed to stand up and communicate with others after dinner in case some guests conflict with their neighbors.

If some of your chairs don’t match, don’t worry, your restaurant will look fresh and lively. From mixing an antique chair with a modern chair to using contrasting fabrics, you can often replace a living room chair with a dining chair and vice versa. As long as the seats are upholstered and comfortable, your guests will feel right at home.

Post time: 2020-01-23