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Seven Strategies For Fabric Sofa Selection, Are You Right? (Chapter One)

The sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. The style and style of the sofa is also an indirect reflection of the owner’s personality. Cloth sofa is currently the favorite practical home series, with various shapes and high comfort. When should I choose a beautiful and practical cloth sofa?

Next, I will tell you about the seven strategies for buying fabric sofas—-Chapter 1.

1. Observe the fabric and color process
For cloth sofas arranged in the living room, it is recommended to use thicker velvet or cloth sofas on the fabrics. In color, attention should be paid to harmonize with the interior decoration style. If you are in the bedroom, you should choose warm, romantic and tranquil colors, which can better integrate with the decoration environment. On the fabric, you can choose knitted nylon or long-haired fabrics with a comfortable feel. This will look more enthusiastic, elegant, and comfortable.
The fabric sofa made of burlap fabric is fresh and breathable, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable to the touch, and has better breathability than sofas made of other materials. The comfortable curve rests on the bag, which is in line with the curve of the human body, and it is not tired after sitting for a long time. The sofa head can be adjusted according to different needs, and the comfortable angle is suitable for adults and children. Large armrest design, filled with full sponge, can be used as a seat or seat. The storable small stool is user-friendly and more space-saving.

2. Double check the structure of the sofa
When shopping for high-grade fabric sofas, there is generally a cotton lining, and other easy-to-stain areas must be washable. When purchasing sofa fabrics, you must carefully look at the quality of the sofa fabrics. Generally, the color difference is very small, the color fastness is high, and the fabrics have no weft slope. It is worth noting that some high-end fabrics have the ability to improve anti-fouling. And special treatment has been carried out on the surface, with antistatic, flame retardant and other functions.
Intimate and comfortable user experience design. It can be used as a deep sitting bed, cross-legged and arched legs without pressure. When lying down, it can be used as a bed. Sitting up for a long time is not difficult, the sitting feeling is soft and hard, moderate and does not collapse. , 170mm sofa feet, easy to clean underground without leaving dirt, more clean and sanitary.

3. Check the sofa cloth
When choosing a sofa, you should also look at whether the fabric of the covering cloth is tightly covered with the internal fillings and whether it is flat and stiff, especially the transition between the two armrests and the seat and back should be natural and free of folds. If it is a circular or semi-circular handrail, it depends on whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful. Fabrics with floral patterns or checkered patterns depend on whether the flower shapes match at the splicing place, whether the checkers are horizontal and vertical, and there is no tilt or distortion. Finally, sit down and try it out, and feel whether the inclination of the seat or back or the arc above the seat fits closely with the waist, back, hips, and leg bends; whether the height of the pillow is the same as the back, and whether the armrests are the same Arms naturally open and fit normally; whether the sitting feels comfortable, and whether it is comfortable when standing up. Stand up and look at the folds in the hips, backrests, and armrests that are noticeably slack and cannot be restored for a long time.
The seat pack can be filled with latex or down. Natural latex filled seat bag, natural materials, environmental protection and health, more comfortable and breathable; natural latex antibacterial and anti-mite, good elasticity, not easy to deform. Down and doll cotton mixed padding enhances comfort, soft, comfortable and elastic. Refreshing and comfortable fabrics, comfortable and comfortable enjoyment, give elegant and charming harbor.


Post time: 2020-01-16