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How To Match The Banquet Table And Chairs?

The banquet hall refers to a place that can be used to hold various wedding activities, corporate dinners, large-scale gatherings, lectures, reports, press releases, product displays, small and medium-sized cultural performances, dances and other events. So according to how to match the banquet table and chairs is more appropriate?

(1) Stage type: Rows of seats are placed in the venue facing the stage or podium, with an aisle in the middle.
Note: This form of table setting is a table setting that maximizes the number of occupants in a limited venue. Like a movie theater, each participant has a seat.

(2) Round table type: The table uses a Chinese-style round table, and seats are placed around the round table. It is often used as a banquet table. There is an aisle between the tables.
Note: When used for banquet tables, except for the main table, there is no difference in the direction of the table. If it is a group discussion, the seats are not placed in the back-to-stage direction.

(3) U-type: Connect the table into a rectangle and open it in front of the rectangle. The chair is placed on the periphery of the table. Usually, the projector table is placed in the opening, and green plants are usually placed in the middle for decoration. Set the position of the conference host to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Add a few microphones to speak freely. The chair cover will show a higher grade.

(4) Board of directors: Large round or oval conference table with seats around. Seat according to primary and secondary.Note: suitable for a small number of people. Meetings with higher grades require shorter distances and are prone to have a close sense of communication.

Do you know the dining table and chairs in the banquet hall now?

Post time: 2019-12-12