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What Material Can Make A Solid Wood Dining Table?

The dining table is a place for us to put meals and food, and also a place where people can enjoy lunch and dinner beautifully. Therefore, a good dining table can make people practical. Not only are there only some artificial stone dining tables, but many people are willing to buy solid wood dining tables. Of course, when we buy a solid wood dining table, we must refer to the size of the restaurant. Because the size of the restaurant in your home is actually related to the shape of the dining table you want to buy. The round dining table is actually suitable for small spaces, while the rectangular solid wood dining table requires more space in the dining room. So what kind of wood is good for a solid wood dining table? Today let ’s take a look at what materials are suitable for solid wood dining tables.
What material is suitable for solid wood dining table
1. In terms of value, mahogany is the best dining table. We know that mahogany is a kind of log, which has a high collection value. The raw material of choice for high-end furniture now has at least thousands of redwood tables.

2. From a practical point of view, birch is the best. Birch is harder, so the quality of the furniture is better. The birch pattern is clear and has a good decorative effect. The wood itself is resistant to corrosion and relatively inexpensive. Paulownia is also good, as opposed to birch, which is lighter and softer. The wood is smooth, dry and not easily warped.

3. From a viewing point of view, pears and eucalyptus are the most suitable. The pear has a fine wood texture, corrosion resistance, a smooth and flat wood cut surface, easy to coat, and very good glue. Eucalyptus itself is of moderate quality, delicate structure, easy processing and finish, and the glue itself is better than pear wood.

4. From an economic point of view, pine trees are the best. Pine wood is light, soft, flexible, resistant to drying and corrosion, easy to process and finish. Among many pine trees, white pine and red pine are the most prominent, but if the intensity is strong, white is much better than red pine.

5, Oak is also suitable for table materials. Oak tables are more common on the market. Oak is hard, not easily deformed, shrinks, and the wood is beautiful. Oak is also the main material for today’s solid wood dining tables.
How to maintain a solid wood dining table.
First of all, the solid wood dining table should be away from doors, windows and other places with a lot of air circulation, and should not be directly exposed to the sun.
Second, keep the wood clean and tidy, and wipe the dust every day. Not suitable for wiping with chemicals.
Finally, every other year, the furniture is waxed to protect it. To move the table, don’t drag forcibly to avoid damaging the furniture itself and the floor.
Solid wood dining tables have always been loved by consumers for their durable, natural and environmentally friendly materials. And a good-quality solid wood dining table can make your living room look good, more grade. Of course, people find out when they choose together. There are many kinds of solid wood homes, and each material has its own unique features. There are not only solid wood dining tables made of mahogany, but also references made of oak and pine trees, there are also solid wood dining tables made of pear. As for the artificial wood dining table, it can be said that the solid wood dining table will be more expensive, so you should buy it carefully.

Post time: 2019-12-30