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Maintenance Tips For Solid Wood Chairs

How to maintain the wooden table and chair is known to everyone. The wooden table and chair look beautiful and elegant, and it is much easier to clean than other sofas, so it is very popular. However, solid wood tables and chairs cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to several issues, now we take a look at it!

Solid wood furniture cleaning and maintenance are also some caveats, have some solid wood tables and chairs, maintenance tips, sure to make your home sofa bright as new.

Solid wood tables and chairs Maintenance Tip one:

clean surface stains, they can use a neutral soap against the warm water, and then wipe clean water, later dry. Such a case can reduce the dirt stains through the paint and into the wood wood surface; may also be sprayed on wood care oil wooden chairs surfaces, which can play a protective effect on the wood.

Solid wood table and chair maintenance tips two:

Usually, when placing a solid wood table and chair, it is usually chosen under the curtains, which can prevent the solid wood table and chair from being exposed to direct sunlight; also remember not to place the solid wood table and chair in a humid place.

Solid wooden table and chair maintenance tips three:

Usually, when maintaining a solid wooden table and chair, first wipe it with a wet cloth, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. In spring and autumn, you can use a single-use maintenance agent, and you don’t need to wipe with water often. Wipe more often once a week. Waxing is also a good method.

Post time: 2019-12-05