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Seven Strategies For Fabric Sofa Selection, Are You Right? (Chapter Two)

The sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. The style and style of the sofa is also an indirect reflection of the owner’s personality. Cloth sofa is currently the favorite practical home series, with various shapes and high comfort. When should I choose a beautiful and practical cloth sofa?

Next, I will tell you about the seven strategies to buy fabric sofas—–Chapter 2.

4. See if the fabric sofa frame is strong
The solidity of the fabric sofa’s skeleton is related to the life and quality of the sofa. The specific inspection method is to lift one end of the sofa and separate the lifted part from the ground 250px to see if the other end is off the ground.
The high-breathable blended cotton and linen fabrics are used for long periods of time without boring. Independent spring packs, each spring pack maintains sufficient rebound and comfortable touch. The sofa armrests and backrest are filled with soft doll cotton for fullness and comfort. The three-dimensional sewing edging outlines the outline of the sofa, pursuing every detail in simplicity.

5. Check the resilience of the fabric sofa
The resilience of a sofa is also related to the life of the sofa. The specific inspection method is to let the body fall freely on the sofa, and the body should be bounced at least 2 times by the sofa cushion to show that the sofa is very elastic.
The cushion adopts high resilience sponge, which has high density, strong stickiness, quality assurance and comfortable sitting feeling. Back to curve design, the function of the curve and the aesthetic design play the best. 3D flannel skin-friendly fabric, durable and durable, good breathability, close to the skin. Full set of removable and washable design, easy to clean and sanitary.

6. Check the sofa skin
Whether the surface of the sofa is irritating to the skin. The specific inspection method is to feel the surface of the sofa with your hand, observe whether the fabric color of each part of the entire sofa is uniform, whether each seam part is firm and flat, and whether the workmanship is fine.
The three-layer sponge design of the seat bag fully meets the softness of the contact surface and the resilience of the seat bag, and the comfort is as long as possible. The large L-shaped design can be combined in a classic way, and there can be a single person out of the combined U-shape. The rounded armrest design is simple and practical, which can be used as a pillow during a break. Elephant-like velvet fabric has strong three-dimensional feeling, soft touch and friction resistance.

7. Check the details of the sofa
This is actually very important, you must check it carefully! The specific inspection method is to open the zipper of the supporting pillow, observe and touch the lining and padding inside; lift the sofa to see if the bottom treatment is meticulous, whether the legs are straight, if the surface is smooth, and if there are non-slip pads on the bottom of the legs And so on. The quality of a good sofa also remains refined in detail.

Post time: 2020-01-20