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သားရေဆိုဖာသည်ဆိုဖာအမျိုးအစားတစ်ခုဖြစ်သည်. သားရေဆိုဖာတကယ်ယေဘူယျအသုံးအနှုန်းဖြစ်ပါတယ်. ကြက်သွန်မြိတ်, pigskin, မြင်းခွာ, and donkey skin can all be used as sofa raw materials. Genuine leather has natural pores and dermatoglyphics. It feels full, soft, and elastic, so leather sofas are also popular. Some people say that the alcohol and breath emitted by the dermis, like a bottle of noble and rare wine, has passed through the marks of the years, and it has been long and fragrant. In terms of furniture, leather sofas are usually made of cowhide. Like the age of a tree, cowhide faithfully and accurately records the life course of a cow. It has been traumatized, struggled with similar species, and attacked by beasts. Therefore, there are no two identical cowhides in the world.
As a member of the sofa family, leather sofas are loved by people for their solemnity, elegance, luxury, and durability. The leather sofa has been tempered through time, enduring, and has been loved by people for its magnificent, luxurious, and durable characteristics. In our impression, the color of traditional leather sofas is relatively monotonous, mainly brown and brown, with large shapes and luxury, covering a large area, giving people a solemn and lively feeling. Nowadays, all kinds of elements mix and match to become a tide in various fields. The leather sofa maintains its luxurious temperament and incorporates a variety of rich elements. The color of the sofa becomes bright and rich, the shape is light and simple, and it is very modern and stylish.

The leather sofa integrates various elements, including the local gold leather sofa, and also adds other colors. In the concept of the business, the leather sofa is not only for practicality but also a symbol of identity. Leather sofa,

Not only is it stylish in appearance, but it also pursues further in quality.

The furniture that is closest tolocal goldis mostly concentrated on European-style furniture, because European-style furniture is commonly used in the process of affixing gold foil, and because the surface of the furniture is decorated with gold foil, it can make the furniture as dazzling as gold. People are extremely luxurious, noble and rich, so of course, they are included in the ranks of local gold

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