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How Does Wooden Furniture Survive The Winter?

How does wooden furniture survive the winter? If you don’t learn these 4 methods of maintenance and cleaning, it will be ruined in one winter.
Nowadays, more and more of us like to buy some wooden furniture to decorate or use at home, but wooden furniture really has many shortcomings, especially in the cold winter, we people keep warm by adding clothes, but if the furniture is not If maintenance is carried out, then wooden furniture is prone to cracking or other problems. Basically, after a winter, the furniture can be said to be destroyed. So how should the wooden furniture survive the winter? Today I will give you some tips for the maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

First: the window problem
In areas that are relatively dry outdoors in winter, if you open the windows for a long time, you will quickly take away the indoor water vapor, which will cause excessive indoor drying, which is very harmful for solid wood furniture; for heating Equipment, such as floor heating or heating areas, the indoor temperature will naturally be very dry, so regularly open windows for ventilation, and it is best to put a basin of water or humidifier in each space in the home to keep the room not so dry.

Second: temperature and humidity
In fact, in general, the most comfortable temperature and humidity that people can withstand is also the most suitable for solid wood furniture. If we all feel that the interior is relatively dry, then the solid wood furniture will definitely not be able to bear it, so in such an environment Among them, wooden furniture will certainly easily crack and cause damage, so we can maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in the home according to our own feelings.

Third: clean
For the cleaning of wooden furniture, you must never remember to wipe it with a wet cloth, especially furniture that has been treated with wood wax oil. If you wipe with a wet cloth, the wood absorbs moisture and then dries again. Furniture is prone to cracking, so keep that in mind.

Fourth: Daily use and maintenance
The bearing capacity of wooden furniture is limited, so we use some wooden furniture, especially wooden furniture such as tables, and remember to avoid placing heavy items on it for a long time, otherwise the wooden furniture will be deformed.

For the maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture, I believe that everyone has already understood after reading the above four points.

Post time: 2019-12-24