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How To Buy A Home Coffee Table?

Although the coffee table is a small object in the home, its function cannot be ignored. A stylish coffee table can not only decorate people’s new homes, but also greatly facilitate people’s use. So how to buy a home coffee table?

First, the purchase of coffee tables seems very simple, in fact, it implies a lot of knowledge! In order to achieve a beautiful and harmonious effect, you should choose a coffee table that perfectly matches the size of the sofa, so what is the appropriate ratio between them? Experts think the more suitable ratio is: the length of the coffee table is 5/7 to 3/4 of the sofa, and the width is about 1/5 more than the width of the sofa. This is also in line with the golden ratio.

Second, although the coffee table is just a small humble object, it can also play a role in embellishing the home environment. When choosing a coffee table, we must fully consider the color of the sofa and the color of the floor. If the floor in your home is tiled, then the coffee table should be the same color or opposite color as the sofa. If the floor of the living room is a wooden floor, the color of the coffee table should be the approximate color of the sofa or light color.

Third, there are many types of coffee tables in shopping malls today, and they have many differences in material selection, style, and technology. The more common coffee table materials are marble, metal, plate, glass and so on. If the style of your sofa is American or European style, then use marble. If it is simple style, use glass or metal. If it is Chinese style, use solid wood. Marble is available for other styles of sofas.

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