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Choose Solid Wood or Marble For The Dining Table?

Many friends have always been entangled in the choice of dining table when buying furniture. The dining table is a must-have for every family and a place for the family to get along with each other.
Now let’s compare the two table materials together, let everyone take a closer look:
Everyone knows that marble is very hard, and it is difficult to have scratches on it. Even if there are scratches, it is easy to repair; the solid wood dining table is relatively soft, it is easy to have scratches and it is not easy to repair.
Marble dining tables are easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces, as are solid wood painted dining tables.
3. Maintenance difficulty
The marble dining table is almost maintenance-free and has very fixed physical properties. The solid wood dining table needs to consider a lot, the surface is not resistant to high temperature, and also pay attention to moisture resistance. The solid wood seams are not easy to crack in the later stage.
4, Permeability
Marble dining tables are more susceptible to oil stains than the painted wooden dining tables. Of course, this problem can be solved by attaching a protective film on the surface.
5, Aesthetics
The surface of the marble dining table is smooth and textured, simple and elegant, elegant and luxurious, giving people a sense of luxury and class. Wood naturally has a beautiful texture, and some woods have their own unique colors. The table made of solid wood naturally continues the natural properties of wood, and the decoration effect is very good. This can only be said to have its own advantages, and it depends on personal preference.
Marble dining tables are bulky and difficult to move, while ordinary solid wood dining tables are lighter and easier to move.
Everyone knows that natural marble has radiation, but in fact, the marble currently on the market is not harmful to the human body if it passes the national test.
Natural and environmentally friendly. This is one of the biggest features of solid wood dining tables.
The marble dining table feels colder and harder. The sound will be louder when the dishes are placed, while the solid wood dining table will give a warmer feeling. In addition, the solid wood dining table will not be too loud when placing the dishes.
Well, through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages above, I believe that everyone has a clear answer to the kind of dining table. In fact, the marble table is better than the solid wood table. Everyone’s ideas are different, different from person to person, and some people like it. His texture, some people jealous of its radiation, choose which dining table, one is to look at their own preferences, the other is according to their own environment, large areas can choose marble, and if you want a warmer, you can choose solid wood, which is all In your own preferences.

Post time: 2019-12-27